Monthly Archives: June 2018

AF holds NGO leadership competency modeling workshop

AF has started to implement the “Leaders Empowered and Dedicated to Serve through the NGO Sector Program” (LEAD to Serve), a project designed to address leadership issues identified in the Leadership Transition Study completed by AF earlier this year. To begin the program, a workshop was held on 25-26 June 2018 to identify competencies of(…)

AF presents network’s aggregate program implementation report for 2017

Based on the report of 93 member organizations (55% of the total membership) of the Association of Foundations (AF), over P5.14 billion was spent to support various development initiatives that benefited at least 6 million Filipinos in 2017.  Education is the top program supported with P1.1 billion spent by AF members in implementing various education-related projects and(…)