Be history-smart with SiningSaysay Augmented Reality

This History Month of August, Gateway Gallery is launching the full SiningSaysay Augmented Reality Program which can be accessed using the Gateway Gallery Pocket Museum. Developed during the Pandemic, the SiningSaysay Augmented Reality Program enables the SiningSaysay: Philippine History in Art Exhibit Paintings to tell its story through animation, video, narration, sound, and music.

With augmented reality, users can have an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by digitally-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities that include visual, auditory, and haptic. In this case, the real-world environment is the Gateway Gallery exhibition space and the objects are the SiningSaysay paintings. 

The Pocket Museum has made the augmented reality experience more accessible with a playback button.  This is made accessible now that the Museum is closed during the Pandemic.  Users of the SiningSaysay AR Program will know the full history of the country through 29 AR videos in 89 minutes, or an average of 3 minutes per video. 

Gari Apolonio, the Museum Curator of Gateway Gallery asserts: “The Augmented Reality Program and the Pocket Museum are products of years of careful study, balanced research, and meticulous development. They are results of a well-intentioned collaboration among talents from the fields of history, film, design, museology, education, and information technology. With these cultural products, we aim to contribute to a more vigorous art appreciation and history education especially among the youth and students.”

The Gateway Gallery Pocket Museum is the tool – a mobile app that gives museum lovers a portable experience of a museum visit. Once downloaded via Google Play or App Store, the user can view exhibits, experience SiningSaysay Augmented Reality, explore its art collection, art submissions, and the attractions within Araneta City.  They can also use the Connect Section to book guided tours, shop, book an event or exhibit, and even donate to the Gallery.

The Gateway Gallery expects more users of the Pocket Museum with the sealed partnership between the Department of Education and the J. Amado Araneta Foundation. Under a two-year Memorandum of Agreement signed in the second quarter of 2021, the Department of Education officially adopts the Pocket Museum as a digital learning platform.  Teachers and public-school students will have it as supplementary tool in MAPEH and History classes. For its part, the J. Amado Araneta Foundation, which supervises the Gateway Gallery, will monitor and provide assistance in the implementation of the partnership.

The dynamic team that made the Pocket Museum and the AR Program possible is composed of like-minded individuals who contributed with zeal to this project. Gari Apolonio, Gateway Gallery’s Curator, led the project as history researcher and writer for the Augmented Reality Videos, and as designer of the Pocket Museum; Jerih Ondante, of the Araneta City IT team applied the Pocket Museum’s conceptual design; Prof. Maria Lourdes Camagay of the UP Department of History, and Mr. John Ray Ramos of Ateneo de Manila University who served as history consultants to ensure that all the presented information is true and accurate.

The Augmented Reality Videos were crafted by director, editor, and animator Bani Logrono, with the project managed by Mai Logrono and its team members consisting of Assistant Editor and Animators Leslie Dianne Lusanco, and Clayton  Sambilad, and voice-over narration done by Melissa Ferrer.

Supporting the project are the team members of the J. Amado Araneta Foundation: Christine Diane Romero, the Executive Director, who saw the vital importance of the digital projects especially during the pandemic; Glenda Dawn Carlota, Deputy Director, Helen Valenzuela, Gallery Officer, and May Anne Geronimo, Programs Officer, who served as video consultants and administrative support.

Promotional efforts have already been committed by Gateway Gallery and the J.  Amado Araneta Foundation to expand the usage of the Pocket Museum and the AR Program to reach its goals. Art, technology, and history come together to provide a powerful experience among Filipinos. It is an experience that educates, inspires, and instills timeless values such as leadership, integrity, courage, and justice. Gari Apolonio, concludes that, “It is our timeless Gift to the Filipino Youth.”

[Submitted by Glenda Carlota, J. Amado Araneta Foundation, Inc.]