Mingoy, the NVC Foundation Roving Community Pantry

NVC Foundation has been contributing to community pantries in Negros Occidental. We provide necessities such as fresh produce, dried fish, Mingo (an instant porridge made with rice, moringa and mung beans), rice, eggs and bread. The fresh produce comes from our partner small farmers and the dried fish is from our partner fishermen.

To reach people further afield, NVC makes use of its bus which has been fondly nicknamed Mingoy. Mingoy has an on-board kitchen directly in front of a serving window. Mingoy usually drives out to indigent communities across the province to serve Mingo champorado and Mingo buns. The Covid crisis has repurposed its utilization as a rolling community pantry.  Mingoy can travel all over Negros to feed those in need. Thanks to the RORO network, Mingoy can even travel to the nearby islands of Panay and Cebu.