NGO Transparency Initiative (NGO-TI)

The NGO Transparency Initiative (NGO-TI) is an online platform that contains key information of NGOs to promote integrity, transparency and accountability of the sector.

What NGO-TI Contains

Currently, the page contains the following key information of all AF member organizations:

Member Name

The name can be clicked to direct you to the member organization’s website.

General Information Sheet (GIS)

The GIS is one of the two mandatory annual requirements for non-stock, not-for-profit organizations. A check (✔) mark indicates that the GIS of that corresponding organization for the indicated year was already submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission as evidenced by a “received” stamp, and a copy was forwarded to AF Secretariat.

Audited Financial Statement(FS)

This is the other mandatory annual requirement for non-stock, not-for-profit organizations. A check (✔) mark indicates that the FS of that corresponding organization for the indicated year was already submitted to the Bureau of Internal Revenue as evidenced by a “received” stamp, and a copy was forwarded to AF Secretariat. For organizations that follow a fiscal year, a check mark indicates that the FS for the period that includes December of the year indicated has been submitted to BIR and AF.

Annual Report

While not a requirement of the government, the annual report or description of the organization’s programs and activities is required from all AF members. This is part of AF’s scorecard. A check (✔) mark indicates that the report for the indicated year has been submitted to the AF Secretariat. For organizations that follow a fiscal year, a check mark indicates that the report which covers December of the year indicated has been submitted to AF.

Commitment to
Code of Ethics

AF has adopted CODE-NGO’s Covenant on Philippine Development and Code of Conduct in its guiding principles in development work and the code of ethics that ought to be observed by its own members. View the Code of Conduct here. a check (✔) mark indicates that the organization pledged commitment to the code of conduct.

PCNC date certified and
PCNC expiry date 

For organizations certified by PCNC, these information would indicate the duration of their certification. The certification makes the organization eligible for tax incentives within the certification period. The PCNC certification is also “seal of good housekeeping” for having met certain standards set by PCNC.

The information is continuously populated and updated when mandatory requirements with a “received” stamp from the concerned government agency are forwarded to the AF Secretariat. Options to further enhance the platform, including possibly expanding the information made available, is also being explored. Changes will be instituted once assessed feasible.

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Updated as of 11 April 2019
Member NameGIS 2018Audited FS 2017Annual Report 2017Commitment to Code of EthicsPCNC Date CertifiedPCNC Expiry Date
AAI Charity Foundation, Inc.
Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. Aug/02/2017 Sep/17/2019
Adarna Group Foundation, Inc.
Adelo Dayao Abing (ADA) Technical Foundation, Incorporated
Adventist Development and Relief Agency Foundation (ADRA), Inc.
AIM Scientific Research Foundation, Inc. Nov/10/2016 Sep/09/2021
Ala-Ala Foundation (Jose Antonio Delgado Memorial Foundation, Inc.)
American Chamber Foundation, Inc.
Andres Soriano Foundation, Inc., The Sep/04/2017 Dec/27/2019
Ang•Hortaleza Foundation, Inc.
Angelo King Foundation, Inc. Jan/24/2018 Aug/10/2020
Antipolo Seminary Foundation, Inc. Dec/20/2017 Feb/18/2020
Antique Development Foundation, Inc.
Asia Society Philippine Foundation, Inc. Jul/21/2014 May/19/2019
Asian Hospital Charities, Inc. Aug/23/2018 Aug/22/2019
Asiapro Foundation, Inc.
Assisi Development Foundation, Inc.
Associate Missionaries of the Assumption (AMA) Philippines Foundation, Inc.
Assumption Alumnae Association, Inc.
Ateneo Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
AY Foundation, Inc.
Ayala Foundation, Inc. Mar/07/2018 Jun/15/2020
Bahay ng Diyos Foundation, Inc. Nov/10/2016 Sep/09/2019
Bato Balani Foundation, Inc. Dec/23/2014 Oct/30/2019
BDO Foundation, Inc. Sep/17/2015 Mar/10/2020
BINHI English Literacy Foundation, Inc.
BPI Foundation, Inc.
Caritas Manila, Inc. May/18/2018 Sep/01/2019
Cartwheel Foundation, Inc. Feb/10/2016 Nov/27/2019
Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines
Center for Community Transformation, Inc. May/18/2018 Aug/07/2020
Center for Excellence in Special Education (Stepping Stone) Foundation, Inc. Dec/07/2016 Dec/06/2021
CFC ANCOP Global Foundation, Inc. Aug/09/2018 Oct/08/2020
Child and Family Service Philippines, Inc.
Childhope Philippines Foundation, Inc. Jul/28/2016 Jul/27/2019
Children International (Bicol), Inc. May/10/2016 May/09/2019
Chito Foundation, Inc.
Christ's Commission Foundation Ministries, Inc. Jun/29/2017 Jun/28/2022
Coalition of Social Development Organizations in South Cotabato
Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. Nov/28/2018 Dec/26/2020
Communication Foundation for Asia Multimedia Center, Inc.
Community and Family Services International Jun/01/2014 Feb/11/2019
Conflict Resolution Group Foundation, Inc., The
Conrado and Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, Inc.
Consuelo "Chito" Madrigal Foundation, Inc. Dec/01/2016 Sep/09/2021
Consuelo Foundation
Culion Foundation, Inc. Jun/28/2018 Aug/07/2019
CURE Philippines, Inc. Aug/25/2016 Aug/24/2021
Dana Foundation, Inc.
Davao Association of Catholic Schools, Inc.
De La Salle University Science Foundation, Inc.
Del Monte Foundation, Inc.
Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc. Jan/31/2017 Dec/14/2021
E. Zobel Foundation, Inc. Nov/21/2017 May/19/2019
ECLOF Philippines Microfinance, Inc.
Educational Research and Dev't Assistance Fdn., Inc. Aug/09/2018 Mar/20/2020
Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (Phils.), Inc.
Family Cooperation Health Services Foundation, Inc.
Foundation for Dev't Through Education, Inc.
Foundation for Professional Training, Inc., The
Foundation for TheseAbled Persons, Inc.
Fr. Jose Eliseo B. Buenviaje Foundation, Inc.
Fred Hollows Foundation Limited - Branch Office, The
FriendlyCare Foundation, Inc.
Fundacion Santiago Aug/25/2016 Aug/24/2021
Fundraisers' Network for Development (FuND Philippines), Inc.
General Emilio Aguinaldo Medical School Foundation, inc.
Gerry Roxas Foundation, Inc. Apr/28/2014 Apr/27/2019
Global Environment & Nature Ecosystems Society (Phil.) Foundation, Inc. (GENESYS)
Global Peace Festival Foundation, Inc. Sep/18/2018 Nov/27/2020
Green Cross-Jesus Co Ay Tian Foundation, Inc.
H.O.P.E. Volunteers Foundation, Inc.
Habitat for Humanity Phils. Foundation, Inc. Jul/17/2017 Sep/24/2020
Help Learning Center Foundation, Inc.
IGNAJO Foundation, Inc. Jul/17/2017 May/15/2020
Igorota Foundation, Inc.
iHome Greater Metro Manila, Inc.
Ilog Kinderhome Foundation, Inc. Aug/09/2018 Mar/12/2020
Inocencio Magtoto Memorial Foundation, Inc.
International Care Ministries Foundation, Inc. Jun/17/2017 Mar/02/2020
J. Amado Araneta Foundation, Inc.
Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc.
Jesuit Communications Foundation, Inc.
Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation, Inc.
Jollibee Group Foundation, Inc. Aug/25/2016 Aug/24/2021
Josefa Segovia Foundation, Inc.
Julio & Florentina Ledesma Foundation, Inc.
Kapampangan Manalakaran, Inc.
Kasilak Development Foundation, Inc.
Kythe Foundation, Inc. Sep/18/2018 Nov/15/2020
La Proteccion de la Infancia, Inc.
Lao Foundation, Inc,
LBC Hari ng Padala Foundation, Inc.
Lopez Group Foundation, Inc.
Lorma Community Development Foundation, Inc.
Luke Foundation, Inc.
Mahintana Foundation, Inc. Aug/25/2016 Aug/24/2021
Mangyan Heritage Center, Inc.
Manila Water Foundation, Inc. Jun/29/2017 Jun/28/2022
Megaworld Foundation, Inc.
MFI Foundation, Inc.
Mother Rosa Memorial Foundation, Inc. Jul/30/2018 Mar/06/2021
Mount Apo Science Foundation College, Inc.
Multi-Sectoral Alliance for Development-Negros
Muntinlupa Development Foundation, Inc.
Museo Pambata Foundation, Inc. Aug/18/2018 Aug/02/2019
Natasha Goulbourn Foundation, Inc.
Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation, Inc. Apr/20/2018 Mar/02/2020
Negros Economic Development Foundation, Inc.
NFSP Sugar Workers Foundation, Inc.
Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation, Inc. Jan/24/2018 Oct/06/2022
NORFIL Foundation, Inc. Jun/17/2016 Aug/09/2019
Northern Phil. Tribal Communities Dev't Center, Inc.
Notre Dame Business Resource Center Fdn., Inc. Dec/07/2016 Dec/06/2021
Notre Dame Educational Association
Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.
OND Hesed Foundation, Inc.
One Meralco Foundation, Inc. Mar/31/2017 Mar/30/2022
Operation Smile Philippines Foundation, Inc. Aug/10/2015 Jun/08/2020
PAASCU Research Foundation, Inc.
PASAR Foundation, Inc.
Pearl S. Buck Foundation - Philippines, Inc.
Petron Foundation, Inc. Jul/11/2018 Sep/28/2022
Philam Foundation, Inc. Feb/23/2017 Feb/22/2022
Philippine Airlines Foundation, Inc.
Philippine Business for Education, Inc.
Philippine Business for Social Progress, Inc. Nov/21/2016 May/07/2020
Philippine Dyslexia Foundation, Inc.
Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement
PHINMA Foundation, Inc.
Physicians for Peace Phil. Inc.
Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. Jun/01/2017 Apr/05/2022
PLDT-Smart Foundation, Inc. Dec/20/2017 Mar/31/2020
Pondo ng Pinoy Community Foundation, Inc.
Pondong Batangan Community Foundation, Inc. Dec/07/2016 Dec/06/2021
Pres. Manuel A. Roxas Foundation, Inc.
Primary Structures Educational Foundation, Inc. Aug/10/2015 Feb/18/2020
Probe Media Foundation, Inc.
Project Luke Foundation for Health and Humanitarian Aid International., Inc.
PTC-CSJ Foundation, Inc. Jun/05/2018 Dec/15/2020
Punta Fuego Village Foundation, Inc.
Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation
RD Foundation, Inc.
RealLife Foundation, Inc. Aug/09/2018 Sep/28/2020
Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Philippines, Inc. Oct/20/2014 Oct/19/2019
Roxas Foundation, Inc.
Sacred Heart Institute for Transformative Education Foundation, Inc.
San Beda College Alumni Foundation, Inc. Oct/14/2016 Jun/02/2021
San Miguel Foundation, Inc. Aug/10/2018 Jun/26/2020
Santuario de San Antonio Parish Foundation, Inc. Dec/22/2017 Sep/17/2019
Sarangani Province Empowerment and Community Transformation Forum (SPECTRUM), Inc.
Security Bank Foundation, Inc.
Servants of Jesus Community Foundation, Inc.
SGV Foundation, Inc.
SIMAG Foundation, Inc. Feb/17/2017 Sep/17/2019
Simbayanan ni Maria Community Foundation, Inc.
Simon of Cyrene Community Rehabilitation and Development Foundation, Inc. May/21/2018 Feb/21/2020
SM Foundation, Inc. Aug/10/2015 Mar/01/2019
SMCGP Philippines Power Foundation, Inc. (formerly AES Philippines Power Foundation, Inc. Nov/21/2016 Jul/03/2019
South Cotabato Foundation, Inc.
Springboard Foundation, Inc.
St. Anthony Foundation for Economic and Social Transformation (SAFEST) of Communities, Inc.
St. Scholastica's Bacolod Alumnae Foundation, Inc.
Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc.
Sugbuanon Foundation DRREAM, Inc.
Sun Life Financial - Philippines Foundation, Inc.
Surigao Economic Development and Microfinance Foundation, Inc.
Synergeia Foundation, Inc.
Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc.
Tany Foundation, Inc. Dec/12/2017 Jun/22/2020
Teach for the Philippines, Inc. Dec/07/2016 Dec/06/2021
Teresian Association International, Inc.
Theosophical Order of Service Foundation, Inc.
Tribal Leaders Development Foundation, Inc.
Tropical Disease Foundation, Inc.
Tukod Foundation, Inc.
UCPB-CIIF Foundation, Inc. Aug/10/2018 Feb/08/2020
Unilab Foundation, Inc. Nov/29/2017 Oct/02/2019
Uswag Development Foundation, Inc.
Uygongco Foundation, Inc. Jan/16/2018 Mar/31/2020
WeatherPhilippines Foundation, Inc. Jun/01/2017 Mar/02/2022
World Vision Development Foundation, Inc. Dec/12/2017 Aug/28/2020
WS Family Foundation, Inc. Mar/21/2018 Aug/11/2020
Xavier Science Foundation, Inc.
Zuellig Family Foundation, Inc. Oct/15/2016 Sep/01/2019