In the spirit of Solidarity with the Filipino people who have regained a new constitutional democracy founded on truth, justice and freedom; and united with their aspirations for a life free from want and deprivation; 

We, the Chair-persons and Presidents of Foundations that constitute the Association of Foundations, hereby pledge to unify our efforts with government in a common agenda for national development,

  • to combat mass poverty and eliminate its causes,
  • to promote programs that would create opportunities for development and
  • gainful employment,
  • to work towards a more equitable distribution of the fruits of development.

For the attainment of these goals, we have jointly adopted the following principles of development to guide and govern our policies and programs:

We believe in the dignity of the human person, that society is made for people who are endowed with a dignity that is derived from their freedom and transcendence;

We recognize the universal purpose of property, a purpose which does not destroy the right of private ownership but places its claim under the criterion of the good society;

We shall promote the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity in the development of people as embodied in our Constitution;

We shall encourage self-reliance and the process of participation where people bear full responsibility for their own development and are supported by a technology appropriate to their needs;

In all our foundation programs and activities and in the enterprises we represent, we shall always strive for the common good and promote social justice with a special concern for the poor and the deprived.

In conference, held on the 11th of February 1987, we have adopted the following resolutions toward the implementation of the above purposes and principles:

  1. Whereas we, the Association of Foundations, having been conferred the role of strengthening the capacities of foundations to serve, we hereby resolve to encourage the collaboration of private development organizations and Government in the formulation and implementation of anti-poverty programs in both national and regional levels.

  3. Whereas we, the Association of Foundations, viewing the economic uplift of the underprivileged through easier access to productive resources as a vital need, we hereby resolve to support and assist the President of the Philippines in this difficult but urgent task of Agrarian Reform.

  5. Whereas we, the Association of Foundations, realizing that many causes of poverty are imbedded in our social relationships, we hereby resolve to undertake a Trisectoral Conference on the Causes of Poverty and Maldevelopment to recommend measures for our common anti-poverty efforts.

This declaration of principles for development and resolutions were contained in a document signed by the membership before President Corazon C. Aquino, in February 16, 1987, at the Kalayaan Hall, Malacañang.