44th General Assembly: Call for Sponsors

The Association of Foundations (AF) will be holding its 44th Annual General Assembly on April 25-26, 2016 in Baguio City. This will be a gathering of 140 member-organizations from all over the country implementing a variety of programs on education, community organizing, health, environment and local governance, to name a few. But more than a national convention of social development organizations, it is an assembly of civil society leaders committed to nation-building.

On the first day, there will be learning sessions that will allow members to exchange ideas and share experiences and best practices with one another. A plenary session on the second day will focus on creating a collective impact to address developmental issues hinged on the newly-established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have invited a representative from the United Nations to discuss the SDGs and its indicators so we will have a better understanding of these goals and localize them.¬† There will also be a presentation of the ‚ÄúBuilding Pathways‚ÄĚ framework towards eradicating poverty and inequality, and the Collective Impact Framework which would be useful to all of us in our respective development work. Finally, we will have a business meeting where the president and treasurer present AF‚Äôs accomplishments and financial status, elections will be conducted for the vacant seats in the Board of Trustees, new members shall take their oath of membership, and the General Assembly ratifies the Acts of the Board. As in the past assemblies, the 44th GA is expected to be another¬†exciting meeting-of-the-minds and coming together of peers in development work.

The annual General Assembly is always a partnership within and among the AF members whose cooperation and generosity largely contribute to the success of the annual assembly.  Members are, thus, invited to be a partner by way of financially supporting the forthcoming GA.  The following packages are available:


Titanium                      P          250,000

Platinum                                  100,000

Gold                                           50,000

Silver                                         25,000

Bronze                                      10,000

All contributions will be properly acknowledged and will be placed in various collaterals pertaining to the GA. To ensure placement, interested members are requested to send the Sponsorship Form by March 28, 2016  either by fax at (02) 911-9792 or 913-7231 or by email at af@afonline.org.

For inquiries, please call Joey of the AF Secretariat at (02) 911-9792 or 913-7231.


Download: Sponsorship Form