Baby Dos and his second chance at a smile

During World Smile Day® 2021, we received a number of uplifting stories of hope and success from our beneficiaries. We are happy to share with you the story of Baby Dos.

Cyril, the mother of Baby Dos, had initially lost hope due to several delays in scheduling his surgery. Stricter hospital protocols, travel regulations and a tropical storm set back Baby Dos’ procedure.  But despite all these, they were still able to overcome the challenges with the endless support of Smile Train’s partner hospital, St. Vincent in Marikina, and the desire of the family to give Baby Dos a promising life. Baby Dos is now a healthier and happier child sporting his forever smile.

Smile Train’s sustainable model of empowering local medical professionals allows us to provide cleft surgery and care all year-round, even during a pandemic.  Since March 2020, Smile Train partners have provided about 4,000 cleft surgeries around the country. To support the life-changing work performed by Smile Train partners in the Philippines, send us a message at

[Article submitted by Tess Fajardo, Smile Train Philippines Foundation, Inc.]