Del Monte Foundation: Pugad Baboy Project

In October, Del Monte Foundation turned-over native piglets to identified ZEP families in Sumilao, Bukidnon. The 45 recipient-families is the first batch of beneficiaries of the Pugad Baboy Project.   

Started in 2020, Pugad Baboy Project is a backyard piglet dispersal project made in partnership with the De La Salle University Science Foundation, the local government of Sumilao, and the Department of Agriculture Region-X. The project aims to help provide sustainable livelihood for extremely poor families by growing and breeding native pigs. Piglets produced are then sold by the family for their income.    

Initially, ten female and two male native pigs were provided by the Dept. of Agriculture for the establishment of 2 backyard multiplier farms which is the source of piglets for dispersal to beneficiaries. DMFI & De La Salle provided materials for the construction of the pigpen, and the feed components. The LGU thru the Municipal Agriculture Office provided technical assistance and free vaccination of the pigs.    

[Article submitted by Bam Botavara, Del Monte Foundation, Inc.]