Education continues: PN Philippines to start scholar selection process for 2022

Passerelles numérique (PN) Philippines is opening its doors to students who wish to pursue a career in the Information Technology (IT) industry but do not have the means to pursue collegiate studies. In partnership with the University of San Carlos, PN designed a condensed curriculum that would only take 2.5 years to receive a certificate in Computer Technology.

PN has been offering this scholarship program to underprivileged youth since 2009 and this coming academic year, PN will be selecting 90 students, ages 17-22 in December 2022, from different provinces in Visayas (Cebu, Bohol, Negros Occidental & Oriental, Samar, and Leyte). This scholarship is open to incoming 2022 grade 12 graduates and grade 12 graduates from previous years but did not proceed to college. This is a scholarship for those who struggle to finance their studies; thus, candidates need to undergo a selection process involving an information session, a written exam, a motivational interview, and a social investigation to help select those who truly deserve the program.

Since 2009, PN Philippines has produced 453 graduates who are now IT professionals and others became entrepreneurs who own a business in the field of IT. There’s much to venture into in the field of IT as its flexibility offers so much more.

Interested candidates can visit PN Philippines’ Facebook page Passerelles numériques Philippines or visit Passerelles numériques’ website for more information about the program and the organization.

For queries and other clarifications, you can contact Irish May Bulan thru

[Article submitted by Karl Micah Lepon, Passerelles numérique (PN) Philippines]