NVC Foundation fights hunger with Mingo Meals

When NVC Foundation was established in August 2010, we set out to develop a tool to fight hunger in the Philippines. We developed Mingo, a complementary food product made from monggo, malunggay and rice. This product was formulated for children from 6 months to 5 years of age and was used in our Mingo Meals Feeding Program. Since NVC Foundation was established, we’ve enrolled 43,435 children in our 6-month Mingo Meals Feeding Program. Because of its convenience and nutritional value, Mingo has also gained popularity as food for emergency relief operations. Mingo is often seen at evacuation centers and at community pantries.

As of July 31, 18,794,755 Mingo Meals have been distributed. With the recent addition of Agusan del Sur, Mingo has been served in 52 provinces around the country. Even if we must cross many rivers and climb many mountains to get to the people we serve, we will continue to work towards our dream of a Philippines free from hunger and poverty. July is Nutrition Month in the Philippines and we are happy to close Nutrition Month with these numbers for our Nutrition Program.