“In a crowded marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible, ” says marketing expert and author Seth Godin.  Forum resource person Cecile Victoria Dominguez, in her opening remarks, added to this quote that “simply being visible, in the absence of a clear, compelling definition of who you are, invites the risk of others defining you and your work.”

The three-hour forum held on August 26 at the Conference Room of the Philippine Center for Population and Development in Taguig City centered on these insights and how they apply to development work in the Philippines. Ms. Dominguez discussed current communication trends and the importance of local nonprofits’ understanding the new playing fields in communications, e.g. internet and social media, and how nonprofits could benefit from the strategic utilization of these communication venues.  She also gave suggestions on what to consider if a communications plan will be reviewed or developed.

AF will bring this forum to the regions soon. Details will be announced as soon as finalized.