AF joins Stakeholders’ Chamber on the Sustainable Development Goals

The Association of Foundations (AF) is pleased to announce its acceptance to the Stakeholders’ Chamber on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), the core government institution monitoring the country’s progress in the implementation of the SDGs, the Stakeholders’ Chamber was created as a venue for more effective engagement with civil society, business, and other development partners. It also serves as a platform for better resource management and coordination, ensuring complementarity between efforts of the government and non-government actors for the achievement of the SDG targets.

AF, represented in the Stakeholders’ Chamber by Oman Jiao, Executive Director, and Gina Estipona, ZEP2030 Coordinator, participated in an online briefing and introduction of new members on July 6, 2023. An in-person special meeting of the entire Stakeholders’ Chamber on the SDGs is set for July 24, which will include a pledging ceremony for the new members and the election of working group leads.

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