As members of the Association of Foundations, we believe:

THAT the development of people is our enduring interest and, to this end, shall our every investment and expenditures be made.

THAT the funds we administer are not our own but are held in trust by the Foundation to further the purpose for which the Foundation was created.

THAT every proponent or correspondent is entitled to our time and must be accorded prompt attention, respect, and consideration.

THAT justice impels us to be clear and purposeful in our requirements for fund releases, and to meet our funding commitment when and as scheduled.

THAT truth binds us to state the actual reason for accepting or rejecting our proposal.

THAT since Foundations are established by virtue of public trust, we are bound to render public accounting of our activities.

THAT our manner of operations, whether in the provision of funds, or in the seeking of funds, or in their use shall not compromise integrity.

(Adopted at the AF Membership Meeting on November 1973)