AF Questionnaire on Culture, Heritage, and Arts (CHA)

6 September 2017


Dear AF Members,

After the Annual General Assembly of the Association of Foundations (AF) last May, one of the business arising items was for the AF Secretariat to convene members who are interested or have programs on culture, heritage and arts (CHA). An initial meeting was held last June 13 and a technical working group of the CHA cluster followed-through with a few more meetings. One of the activities that emerged is to rationalize the integration of CHA in the development work of NGOs towards stable and sustainable nation building, fostering love for country based on belief that the holistic development of the Filipino people is the key to true progress.

It is deemed imperative that efforts at nation building be founded on the preservation of the heritage of culture as expressed through different art /cultural and historical forms, using different media. Whether an NGO’s development work is focused on social, political, economic, political, and spiritual, it seems expedient that it consider the enrichment of the national patrimony that has brought the nation to its present state of development.

The CHA Cluster of AF has developed a simple questionnaire to profile the perspectives and dispositions of AF member organizations vis-à-vis the roles of CHA in development work and to collate good practices related to this field. You may access the questionnaire here: It will only take 5 minutes to answer this simple questionnaire which we hope you can accomplish on or before Wednesday, September 13.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!


Executive Director