Alcantara Foundation, ABU, Consuelo establish tilapia farm in IP communities

The Conrado & Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, Inc. (Alcantara Foundation) has joined hands with Alsons Agri-Business Unit (ABU) to assist in the tilapia farming aspirations of two beneficiary groups of the livelihood partnership project between Alcantara Foundation and Consuelo Foundation (Consuelo). One of the groups is from Brgy. Blaan, Malungon, who is currently engaged in hog raising, while the other group is from Sitio Lunay, Brgy. Amsipit, Maasim, where a sari-sari store operates.

ABU provided 2,300 tilapia fingerlings. The fingerlings were released to the ponds of Brgy. Blaan group on April 9, 2024, and Cabansal Larry group on April 15, 2024, with the active involvement of Consuelo’s team headed by Director of Programs Dorina Lana.

Prior to the release of fingerlings, ABU’s technicians Israel M. Mosquera, Dennis J. Pelaez, and Ruben A. Dearo assessed the proposed tilapia pond sites. They focused on critical factors such as water quality and soil type to ensure the suitability of these sites for Tilapia farming. After the sites’ potential was confirmed, the livelihood beneficiaries began preparations. The preparation involved essential aspects such as water supply, drainage, and infrastructure as recommended by the ABU to optimize the success of the venture.

Members of the livelihood project expressed gratitude to Alcantara Foundation, ABU, and Consuelo, as their dream livelihood became a reality. 

This initiative is a component of Project Kaklung dad Nga (Protect Our Children), a partnership project with the Consuelo Foundation that seeks to strengthen Indigenous Peoples families through contextualized parent mentoring sessions and livelihood support.

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