BINHI Learning Program gears up for a successful school year

The preparations and rollout of the Binhi Learning Program have been filled with excitement, dedication, and unwavering support from our generous sponsors, our partner schools, volunteers, parents, and scholars.

BINHI Production (August 2-September 4)

In preparation for the BINHI Classes, 21 volunteers joined in the making of classroom in a bin that contains all the materials needed to deliver the BINHI Learning Program in our 18 partner sites.

According to Sarah Khaye Sumaquial, a Volunteer Production Buddy, she enjoyed packing the school supplies. The thought of a kid benefitting from what she prepared made her happy and satisfied.

Volunteers help in the assembly of Learning Kits.

Parent Pre-Orientation (September 11-15)

A series of orientation for parents and guardians was conducted in each partner school where they learned more about the BINHI English Literacy Foundation, Inc., the program, and their responsibilities as partners. This orientation helped to ensure that parents and guardians are supportive of their children’s learning and are able to provide the guidance needed to make the program a success.

Parents and guardians expressed their commitment to help in the success of BINHI Learning Program.

Pre-test Activity (September 19-29)

About 1500 kids were tested to become the next BINHI Scholars. From this number, 750 scholars were chosen to complete the 30 BINHI Classes.

There were 96 volunteers who all joined in the administration of the test, including those from our sponsors Bouygues Travaux Publics Philippines, Inc. (BOUYGUES),  Everest Appliances, ICTSI Foundation, Inc., Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC), and RATP Dev Manila Inc. (RATP Dev).

“The experience was a great way for first-time volunteers to be immersed in the community. The collaboration with the Binhi team was commendable. They were able to walk us through what’s needed, as well as instill the values that the organization is promoting in a short span of time.” -Pamela Maganto, Volunteer Tester.

Volunteers from sponsors – BOUYGUES and Everest Appliances – help in the conduct of pre-test.

Teacher Training 1 (September 30)

Teachers underwent training on the BINHI Learning Program’s Science of Reading-aligned curriculum, teaching methods, and classroom management. They also trained on how to use the BINHI English Literacy kits.

“The trainer was able to explain the subject well. I really learned a lot. I was amazed by the techniques and strategies she taught and did not regret  attending the training. Thank you so much!” -Teacher Sheba Catherine Santillan, Padre Guevara Elementary School.

Teachers demonstrate the use of BINHI Learning Kits.

Bin Turnover and Parent Commitment (October 2-6)

The materials to be used for the classes were distributed to the scholars and teachers. Parents and guardians also signed a commitment form, pledging to support their children’s learning. Sponsors also joined the event and provided inspirational messages to the scholars.

Sponsors from LRMC and RATP Dev join the Bin Turnover and Parent on their respective sites.

First day of BINHI Classes (October 9)

The BINHI Classes for the school year 2023-2024 officially launched with the eager learners meeting their classmates for the first time.

The BINHI Learning Program is a testament to the power of community and collaboration. As we embark on this new BINHI school year, we look forward to the growth, success, and transformation that await our scholars. We are deeply grateful for the continued support of our partners, the dedication of our volunteers and the commitment of our parents and scholars. With the support and cooperation of  our stakeholders, we are confident that the BINHI Learning Program will continue to thrive and make a positive impact on the lives of our scholars and their communities.

Together, we are nurturing the seeds of knowledge, hope, and opportunity through the BINHI Learning Program.

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