Blaan Parents receive support for alternative livelihoods in Sarangani Province

One hundred three (103) Blaan parents received alternative livelihood support from Conrado and Ladislawa Foundation and Consuelo Foundation in Sarangani Province. Various livelihood projects such as hog raising, vegetable gardening, rice retailing and mini-grocery stores are being implemented by the Blaan partner-parents from the Municipalities of Alabel, Malungon, Malapatan and Maasim. The alternative livelihood projects were identified by the beneficiaries after series of preparatory activities such as guided scanning and assessments of available resources, potential market and needed capacity building activities of the groups.  

The beneficiaries received assistance in the form of farm implements, grocery items, and livestock to help them start their chosen social enterprises. They were also provided with trainings on simple bookkeeping, inventory, pest management, and hog raising. Values formation sessions were also conducted to ensure they understand and accept their roles and responsibilities in running their enterprises. It was also designed to strengthen the groups’ teamwork.  

After over two months of implementation, some of the partner-beneficiaries already showed positive results. Farmer Nora Cali from Maasim enjoyed her first income from her vegetable garden after she sold her harvested radish. Another group in Maasim running a Sari-Sari Store has plans of starting their second project of tilapia growing sourcing the capital fund from their income. Two group-beneficiaries from Malungon, Sarangani excitedly shared that they will give back to their communities before the year ends through school-feeding and children gift-giving after generating income from hog raising and rice retailing.

The livelihood assistance is a component of the partnership project between Conrado & Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation and Consuelo Foundation entitled as Kaklung Dad Nga, a family strengthening initiative for the IP communities in the Province of Sarangani. The Project aims to help provide safe and nurturing environments for the children by strengthening their families. The income from the social enterprises are expected to help in the daily school expenses of the Blaan children.

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