Association of Foundations
43rd General Assembly
AF Community Sharing Session


Dear AF Members,

We will be holding our 43rd General Assembly (GA) on April 16-17, 2015 at the Eugenio Lopez Center, Antipolo City.  This annual gathering of members is an opportunity to meet new friends, establish new partnerships, and strengthen old ties. More importantly, the GA is a venue to hold meaningful conversations, discuss timely issues, and share knowledge and experiences that are relevant to our development work. Aside from inviting resource persons from agencies and institutions to speak about issues that impact on our work, there have been suggestions to also allot some time for a sharing of programs among AF members.

In this regard, we encourage everyone to be actively involved in the GA program by way of participating in the AF Community Sharing Session.  We would like to hear about your completed or ongoing programs or projects and how these undertakings have or are making a difference in the lives of your beneficiaries. We are interested to hear about your project implementation innovations, or your successful cross-sector partnerships, or a sharing of unique, out-of-the-box strategies that helped you hurdle major challenges in your programs or advocacies. If there is a technique that worked for you, it might work for another AF member. If you need to expand partnerships, you might find takers here. And we could all use a simple yet heart-warming success story!

Interested members are requested to submit initially a brief concept note of their story that they want to share with the AF community. Concept notes must be brief (1-page only in short size bond paper, MS Word format). Please be guided by the following in composing your concept note:

  1. Think of a nice title for your story.
  2. Please provide the gist of your story.
  3. What are your learnings and/or insights?
  4. What will other AF members benefit from your story?

The format of the sharing session might vary depending on the number and topic of concept notes that will be submitted. However, this will be discussed properly with presenters.

Concept notes must be submitted by email at no later than 25 February 2015.  We will acknowledge receipt of all submitted concept notes. If you do not hear from the Secretariat, please resend your email.

We look forward to getting your concept notes. No matter how simple or complicated your stories may be, we are excited to hear about it!


Thank you very much!


Oman Jiao
Executive Director