Cash-for-work project benefits Maguindanao communities

By Roxanne Dela Cruz, Field and Emergency Communications Specialist 

Photos by Melchor Villarta and Sonny Sobremonte, World Vision

World Vision recently implemented a cash-for-work project in several Maguindanao areas. The activity is part of World Vision’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Project which advocates and promotes disaster preparedness among families and communities.  

Project Coordinator Melchor Villarta says that the cash assistance aims to help families earn income and at the same time mitigate disasters from happening in their communities.  

Cash assistance was given to families in 12 barangays during the 10-day cash-for-work activity.  

Families worked on clearing and de-clogging of canals and creeks, rehabilitation and expansion of the river dike, and the clearing of water lilies for safe passage of river boats. 

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