Celebrate International Museum Day by visiting Ayala Museum for free on May 27!

Free Day: May 27, 11:30AM-7:30PM (Limited slots only) 

Free Virtual Tour: May 27 – June 27, All Day (link to follow) 

Link to photos: IMD 2022 

In celebration of International Museum Day (IMD), Ayala Museum and Filipinas Heritage Library are opening its doors for free on May 27, Friday!  

IMD is an international celebration where museums around the world raise awareness on the importance  of museums within society as an institution of cultural exchange and enrichment. This year’s theme is  “The Power of Museums”— highlighting the power of museums to transform the world around us and  bring about positive change to communities.  

Ayala Museum will be celebrating IMD this year both onsite and online as a response to the new normal.  Onsite, the Ayala Museum will be hosting a free day on May 27, 11:00AM-7:30PM — the first time since  2020 that the museum will be celebrating IMD again in person. 

Two new exhibition experiences will also be launched during the May 27 celebration. Filipinas Heritage  Library’s “Liberation: War & Hope” is a free exhibition that centers stories on the life of everyday Filipinos  before, during, and post-war. Meanwhile, the Dioramas of Philippine History exhibition gets a narrative  extension with the launch of “Diorama Dialogue” — a new segment curated by Manuel Quezon III.  “Diorama Dialogue” presents a fresh approach to understanding history by connecting selected dioramas  with related events. This enhanced presentation aims to expand the diversity and inclusivity of the  dioramas by contextualizing the depicted events and bringing them to contemporary discourse. Special activities will also be scheduled throughout the day. 

In consideration of everyone’s health and safety, slots will be limited and will be released through Ayala  Museum’s website on May 26, 4PM on a first come first served basis. So be sure to set your alarms! 

For those unable to visit the museum in person, Ayala Museum will be hosting a free interactive virtual  tour of its iconic “Dioramas of Philippine History” exhibition through social platform, Gather.Town. Guests  will be able to interact with each other, control an avatar, and explore a 2D render of Ayala Museum and  all 60 of its historical dioramas. The virtual space will be open to visit virtually anytime from May 27 up to June 27, 2022. The link to the virtual tour will be available on Ayala Museum’s website and social media  pages. For more information and instructions, visit www.ayalamuseum.org or contact Ayala Museum through  any of their social media platforms.