Cultural Links: An indigenized storybook development for the Tagbanwa of Culion, Palawan

Cartwheel Foundation, with its mission of promoting and safeguarding the rights and cultural heritage of Indigenous Peoples (IPs), has launched the Cultural LINKS (Leveraging Indigenous Niches through Knowledge Sharing and Storytelling) project in 2022. This initiative features harvested IKSVP (Indigenous Knowledge, Skills, Values, and Practices) and stories that portray the strength, courage, and resilience of the communities compiled in the form of a book. Phase I has been completed for the Sama-Bajau of Parañaque and Zamboanga, and Phase II for the Talaandig of Bukidnon. Currently, Cartwheel is in the process of completing Phase III which centers on the Tagbanwa of Culion, Palawan. Read more:…/cultural-links-an…/

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