DepEd 12 nominates CLAFI to the National Literacy Awards

Conrado & Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, Inc. has been nominated by the Department of Education Region 12 to the National Literacy Awards, recognizing CLAFI’s education program that created positive and remarkable impacts on learners and communities.  The Regional National Literacy Awards (NLA) Committee granted CLAFI the recognition after a thorough review of the quality management, strategic implementation, monitoring, impact, and success stories of its literacy projects. The Regional NLA Committee is composed of the DepEd 12, Department of Interior and Local Government 12, National Economic Development Authority 12, and the academe. 

The Regional NLA Committee appreciated the following literacy projects of CLAFI that have been helping provide access to quality education to the schoolchildren in the region, especially for the Indigenous Peoples (IP) learners: 

  1. Summer Big Brother, a 15—day reading intervention to help children develop reading skills with comprehension
  2. Flalok Project that helped revive the Blaan art of storytelling. The Flalok Project reinforces DepEd’s Mother Tongue-Based Multi-Lingual Education paradigm and taught lessons for Kinder-Grade 2 in the Blaan language using Flalok (Blaan stories) as a literate base 
  3. Project CONSUELO or Consolidating and Updating Educational Learning Opportunities for Child Protection that integrated Blaan, Tboli, Maguindanaon, and Cebuano contextualized child rights learning in classes, through peers, and in communities
  4. Social Transformation and Organizing for Counter Trafficking in Persons (STRONG CTIP) in Sarangani that developed Blaan, Maguindanaon, and Cebuano Teacher Guide and Learner Materials on counter-trafficking which were integrated into the Grade 5 and 6 classes 
  5. Support for DepEd’s distance learning through digitization and provision of LR on WHEELS antenna and tablets to respond to the education crisis brought by the pandemic 
  6. Parent mentoring that reminds parents of their role in the education of their children and helped build resilient families amidst pandemic
  7. Scholarship grants to high school and college students