FDTEI celebrates 25th Anniversary

The Foundation for Development through Education, Inc. (FDTEI) celebrated its 25th anniversary in February this year at Saddleback Haven, Davao City. A highlight of the event was the tribute to its graduates from 2020 to 2023. During the event, FDTEI Chairman Carlos Dominguez thanked the Foundation’s benefactor, Ms. Virginia G. Dominguez, and the working team of Treasurer Edwina D. Garchitorena, Connie Padilla, Luisa Jocelyn Lorenzo, and Francis Ledesma.

Chairman Carlos Dominguez  was happy to note the achievements of FDTEI, which generated 121 graduates from cultural communities coming from eight provinces in Mindanao. Sixty three percent of the graduates passed their licensure examinations in engineering, nursing, midwifery and teaching. FDTEI is also proud to note that among its graduates, there were four cum laude, and two magna cum laude graduates.

Carlos Dominguez acknowledged the graduates for studying hard so as to benefit themselves, their families, communities and ultimately the Philippines. As a young country he said that it is important that we encourage bright minds to develop and prosper as a nation.

FDTEI also thanks its sponsors, Mr. Rafael  Dominguez-Linden Suites Inc., Mr. Bienvenido Tan-PTFC Redevelopment Corporation, Atty. Jude Ralph Yap, Marco Polo Davao, Constantino and Partners, Reyes Tacandong CPAs, Eros Hospital and Saddleback Haven .

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