International Care Ministries (ICM) rely heavily on volunteers to run its programs on the ground. With a network of some 10,000 pastors across the country, ICM is able to bring its programs to ultra-poor families in some of the remotest areas. Aside from pastors, hundreds of other local volunteers share their time working alongside our staff to ensure that ICM programs are carried out effectively.

On 14 July 2022, ICM will gather volunteers for a whole-day meal-packing activity. In partnership with Rise Against Hunger and the Conrad Hotel, ICM targets to pack 16,000 meals to be delivered to ultra-poor families across ICM programs in the Philippines. Each pack contains specially formulated, ready-to-cook rice-soy to feed families in dire need.

Because we believe hope starts with a meal, these nutrient-enriched food packs help spark hope in the homes of families struggling with ultra-poverty. These meals have also helped ICM nurse malnourished kids back to good health.

ICM provides ultra-poor families with the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to create lasting change in their lives. Families living in ultra-poverty struggle to survive on less than US$0.50 cents (₱22.00) per person a day.

Transform is ICM’s core anti-poverty program designed to address the wide range of needs faced by families living in ultra-poverty. Transform isa four-month program delivered to a community of ultra-poor families that integrates livelihood and health training with values education.

Throughout the four-month Transform program, ICM provides these meal packs to participant families. 

ICM calls on volunteers from all walks of life to help out. The packing activity starts at 9:30 am and will have five 2-hour shifts.  If you are interested to help, please invite your team, and individually fill out the Registration Form http://bitly.ws/sASZ

The registration deadline is on July 08, 2022.