Land rivals unite: Gigaquit and Claver Municipalities join forces to safeguard precious watershed from mining menace

In a remarkable turn of events, the Municipal Local Government of Gigaquit and Claver, long embroiled in a boundary dispute over a critical watershed and river area, have set aside their differences. This contentious zone, threatened by the encroachment of mining companies, had been a source of tension between the two municipalities. The “EMERGE for Watershed Project,” supported by the Gerry Roxas Foundation and funded by USAID under the INSPIRE Program, aims to shield vital watersheds in Surigao del Norte, including the proposed Baoy Watershed.

A biodiversity profiling effort led by Green Environment Defenders revealed an alarming presence of illegal logging activities and poaching within the region, despite national laws prohibiting such activities. However, a glimmer of hope emerged as both LGUs chose to prioritize the protection of their forested land, temporarily putting their conflict aside. This collaborative effort promises to be a turning point in preserving this invaluable natural resource.

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