Life is Water; Water is Life – Keeping a culture alive

On December 6, 2023, Kasilak Development Foundation Inc., successfully turned-over 3 units of Banga Pinoy Ferrocement Water Tank for the Higaonon Indigenous Community in Sitio Aligodon, Barangay Mat-I, Municipality of Claveria, Province of Misamis Oriental.

The construction of this community water-facility was made possible thru the support of the Foundation’s corporate-partner, Dole Philippines Inc., Stanfilco Division and marks another milestone for both entities as they continue to further their shared commitments in providing potable water to underserved resource-poor rural communities – the geographically isolated and disadvantaged communities in Mindanao.

The Aligodon community is known as a geographically isolated and disadvantaged area (GIDA) of the Municipality of Claveria, Misamis Oriental. Though the community has been neglected and deprived of social developments for many years, every Claverianhon’s source of pride and strength is that the Higaonon tribe continues to protect the stunning and beautiful landscape of Mount Sumagaya, the water source of the entire Claveria municipality, while keeping their tribe’s customs, culture and traditions alive.

Prior to this turn-over, there was a series of activities conducted to help realize this occasion. These were the observance of the Higaonon ritual, the construction of the Banga, the installation of its pipelines, developing the water-access points through planting and protecting endemic trees surrounding the water source, raising awareness and information to the community particularly the intricate sharing systems & technologies of supplying clean and safe drinking water to the community, while improving its sanitation.

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