Dear Partners and Colleagues,

The Zero Extreme Poverty 2030 (ZEP2030) movement is a product of the Poverty Summit in 2015 with the theme “Building Pathways in Reducing Poverty and Inequality”. The Poverty Summit formulated its vision for the Philippines by 2030: “A Philippines were every Filipino enjoys the necessary goods that define and sustain human dignity, life, security and engaged citizenship.” The ZEP2030 movement is a coalition of various networks including AF, CODE-NGO, CBCP, FPE, LCF, MBC, PBSP, PEF and many other organizations. ZEP2030 is initially targeting 350 municipalities coming from the poorest provinces. Please see the list of these municipalities here.

The Office of the Vice-President (OVP) has its Angat Buhay Program as presented during the OVP’s Partnerships Against Poverty Summit last October 10. The program has identified an initial list of 50 LGUs enumerated here.

The Association of Foundations (AF) is mapping the presence of civil society organizations in these identified areas. In both lists, we are requesting you to indicate the specific programs/projects/initiatives that you are currently implementing. It is very important that you accomplish these forms as the next steps may be convened in the local level and we want you involved in the areas where you have operations.

Kindly submit the accomplished forms by email at by Friday, November 18. Let us all work together to eradicate extreme poverty.

Thank you very much.

Oman Jiao

Executive Director