Network Aggregate Report (NAR)

From: Association of Foundations <>
Date: Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 3:58 PM
Subject: AF Network Aggregate Report
To: AF Secretariat <>

Dear AF Members,

Greetings of good health to all of you!

The past two years, we have gathered information about our members’ programs and projects, expenditures, partnerships and human resources. This is what is referred to collectively as our annual Network Aggregate Report. It is our way of collecting and collating data from our members which results in a collective impact report. The General Assembly (GA) also resolved that in lieu of our members submitting their respective annual reports to AF, this submission will now replace said requirement.

The collated report is presented yearly during our network’s General Assembly. This aggregate report sums up our total annual contribution to social development in the country in a particular year.

Previously, we have requested you to submit in word or excel formats. This year, we are now transitioning to an online version. We have set-up this database program so that it will be easier for you to input, review and update your data.

Your organization is provided its own dashboard. In the “Home” page, you will see a summary of your profile for the year. On the first instance, the “Home” page will be blank until such time when you start providing inputs. In the “Home” page, you should see a sidebar that lists the following: Home, Guide for the Database, Add Program/Project, Add Collaboration, Add Staff. If you do not see the sidebar menu options, kindly click on the tab square with 3 lines.jpg and this should appear.

The “Home” page highlights your programs/projects, expenditures, partnerships within the AF network, and full-time regular staff. It also shows a graph of your top 5 major programs (assuming that you have inputted at least 5) based on expenditures, and a map of your areas of implementation. In the same page, a complete list of your programs/projects and corresponding expenditures, types and number of beneficiaries, and geographical areas covered are likewise presented. Please remember that on the first time you view this, the “Home” page will be blank. Once you input your information, the “Home” page is automatically updated with the data you provided on the “Add Program/Project”, “Add Collaboration” and “Add Staff”. The “Home” page itself is not editable.

You may add or update the details of your programs/projects, collaborations/partnerships, and staff profile using the tabs in the sidebar. Further details are provided in the “Guide” when you log-in. If it is your first time to use this, it will be helpful to read the “Guide”.

It is important to take note that we are asking you for information on a particular calendar year. While we understand that some operate on various fiscal years, for purposes of consistency in reporting and because a greater majority of our members follow a calendar year, we humbly request that you please submit data that covers a January to December timeframe.

To access the database, please go to AF Network Report and use the following log-in details:

          Username: [the email address where this notice was originally sent to on Sept 3, 2020]

          Password: password

While this database program has been pre-tested, please do let us know when you encounter a “bug”. While we think the program is functional enough, we will continue to improve on the system. We want this annual undertaking to be easy and comfortable as well as relevant and meaningful for all our members.

In case you encounter any difficulty, please do not hesitate to email me at or text or call (+63918) 912-7183. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Happy encoding! Thank you very much!

Oman Jiao

Executive Director