PEF launches Philippine Eagle awareness campaign in XSF’s six partner-IPOs in Bukidnon

BUKIDNON, Philippines – In an effort to bolster conservation efforts for the critically endangered Philippine Eagle, the  Xavier Science Foundation, Inc. (XSF), in collaboration with the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF), has conducted a 6-day community education and public awareness campaign in XSF’s six partner communities in Bukidnon last May 20-25, 2024.

The campaign kicked off with a series of educational activities across various indigenous communities in Pangatucan, Maramag, and Valencia City, Bukidnon. These activities are designed to raise awareness about the plight of the Philippine Eagle, a species endemic to the Philippines and one of the largest and most powerful eagles in the world.

Datu Herminio Guinto, a member of the NAMAMAYUK tribal organization, expressed his realization that people should emulate the eagle for its admirable traits and stressed the importance of taking even greater care of the environment.

As the campaign progresses, organizations plan to expand their outreach to more remote areas surrounding Mt. Kalatungan landscape, ensuring that even the most isolated communities are included in the conservation dialogue. The aim is to foster a sense of stewardship among locals, encouraging them to become active participants in protecting their natural heritage.

By bringing the plight of the Philippine Eagle at the forefront, this community education and public awareness campaign represents a vital step in the ongoing efforts to save one of the Philippines’ most iconic species from extinction.

This initiative is part of the USAID INSPIRE Project, aimed at enhancing environmental conservation and sustainable community practices.


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