Philippine Gold, Indigenous Textiles & Southeast Asian Trade Ware Ceramics now on view at the newly renovated Ayala Museum!

After soft opening in December 2021, Ayala Museum will now be in full swing on August 3, 2022, with the opening of the fourth floor, which houses the museum’s revamped permanent exhibitions on Philippine Pre-colonial Gold, Indigenous Textiles & Southeast Asian Trade Ware Ceramics from the museum’s collection.  

The three exhibitions jointly tell the story of the ‘Crossroads of Civilizations’ – how the country’s identity, imagery, and ingenuity were shaped by a millennium of interactions within the flourishing networks of exchange within Asia and beyond. Additionally, a Visible Storage is now added to the 4th floor where guests can view a portion of the archaeological, ethnographic, fine arts, and historical objects in Ayala Museum’s vast collection.


  1. Skeins of Knowledge, Threads of Wisdom

Indigenous textile arts in the Philippines demonstrate the ingenuity, creativity, adaptability, and sophistication of the early Filipinos. This exhibition makes today’s Filipinos aware that among our indigenous communities are living examples of how we might be able to restore some balance in our lives, in our country, and among global communities.

Skeins of Knowledge, Threads of Wisdom will place the textiles in the context of community, environment, culture, and tradition, spirit and matter.

  1. Ceramics and Cultural Currency: Exchanges of Pottery and Prestige

Large quantities of Chinese and Southeast Asian trade ceramics found in the Philippine archipelago indicate the active participation of our forefathers in a wide network of inland and inter-island trade and cultural exchange in the region as early as the ninth century. What made these ceramics so valuable that people travelled far and wide to obtain such vessels?

Ceramics and Cultural Currency: Exchanges of Pottery and Prestige examines the practical, social, economic, and spiritual values that Filipinos ascribed to these trade wares over a millennium of exchange.

  1. Gold of Ancestors: Pre-colonial Treasures in the Philippines

Originally opened in 2008, the Gold of Ancestors exhibition has been refreshed for a new generation. This exhibition of more than one thousand archaeological gold objects celebrates the cultures that flourished before the Spanish colonization of the islands. The precious objects in this exhibition were recovered in the Philippines in various archaeological contexts, often in association with tenth to twelfth-century Chinese export ceramics.  

The archipelago’s strategic location, and its rich natural resources, created an important cultural nexus that made the Philippines an important crossroads of South and East Asian civilizations during pre-colonial times.

With the opening of the 4th floor, Ayala Museum now completes its onsite museum experiences. Still on view are ‘Intertwined: Transpacific, Transcultural Philippines’, ‘Landscape into Painting: Fernando Zobel Serie Blanca’, ‘Dioramas of Philippine History’, Filipinas Heritage Library’s ‘Liberation: War & Hope’, ‘Ayala Museum: In Microcosm’, and the ‘Globe Digital Gallery’.

Ayala Museum’s new exhibitions will be open for viewing by August 3, 2022, Wednesday. 

To ensure guests continue to feel both inspired and safe when visiting the museum, operational adjustments and safety protocols remain part of the museum experience. Prebooked admissions, timed entries, and limited capacity on admissions will still be practiced at Ayala Museum.

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About Ayala Museum

Ayala Museum, located at the heart of the Makati Central Business District, is a breathing space amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. The Ayala Museum collection focuses on these main areas: archeological, ethnographic, historical, fine arts, numismatics, and ecclesiastical. The museum’s permanent and changing exhibitions aim to elicit pride and wonder for Philippine arts and culture and aid in the discovery of what makes us uniquely Filipino. Since 2013, the Ayala Museum’s sixth floor has become the home of the Filipinas Heritage Library — a repository of Filipiniana materials and other references on Philippine arts, history and culture—a contemporary space for the contemporary researcher. Now after 2 years of renovation, the Ayala Museum and Filipinas Heritage Library reopen as an omnichannel museum, where you can have compelling experiences with art and culture onsite, offsite, and online.