PHINMA honors individuals making lives better beyond work in Service Awards relaunch

PHINMA Corporation has brought back the Service Awards after eight years to honor individuals who have impacted their communities outside of work.

“The PHINMA Service Awards not only honor our employees, but also celebrate the spirit of service that defines our Company,” said Ramon R. del Rosario, Jr., PHINMA Chairman and CEO during the awarding ceremony last March 22, emphasizing the priority isn’t tenure but the recognition of individuals for their initiatives benefiting communities outside the workplace—whether through volunteerism, advocacy, or innovative problem-solving within the broader community.

This year’s event also combines PHINMA’s Service Awards and PHINMA Foundation’s Making Lives Better (MLB) Award into one award-giving initiative­ moving forward. To recall, the MLB Award has two categories: PHINMA National Scholarship (PNS) Scholar, and the newly introduced Big Brother/Big Sister (BBBS) Hero.

“I am extremely pleased with these two developments as we finally recognize the crucial work that our Big Brothers and Big Sisters do for the success of the PNS Program and we further strengthen the integration of Phinma Foundation’s activities into the core of the PHINMA Group,” said PHINMA Foundation President Roberto Laviña.

The PNS Scholar category highlights a new graduate of the PNS who was likewise recognized as an exemplary student, an excellent leader, and an outstanding scholar. To qualify for this award, one must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.25 without any failing or incomplete remarks in their transcript of records; completed all four modules of the Leadership Camp; and serve a leadership role in at least one organization within or outside campus.

This year’s PNS Scholar awardee is Maribel Esguerra, who graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in social science education from Philippine Normal University Manila. Also a part of PNS Batch 2023, she is now a college instructor and a Remote and Distance (RAD) Learning Program coordinator at PHINMA Saint Jude College – Manila.

“My most sincere gratitude to all of the remarkable individuals in the PHINMA National Scholarship program. Thank you for giving us, scholars, avenues that brought us closer to opportunities not only to grow, but to also make a meaningful difference in the lives of others,” said Esguerra during her acceptance speech.

The BBSS Hero category, meanwhile, pays tribute to an exemplary mentor who has significantly contributed to their mentees’ growth and development through impactful guidance and leadership. To qualify for this award, one must have been an active BBBS for School Year 2022-2023; finished a cycle with at least one mentee, meaning said mentee must have graduated; consistently meets up for K25 sessions; consistently answers the portfolio and attends BBBS workshops or the PNS Lead Camp.

Recognized this year under this category is Aida Santamaria, Human Resources Manager of PHINMA for over two decades, who has served as a Big Sister to PNS scholars since 2008. Her 16-year mentorship saw the graduation of six PHINMA scholars.

Santamaria said the BBBS program was very close to her heart, as it was about building relationships, mentoring, listening, and journeying with the country’s future leaders.

“Honestly, I think I was the one who benefited from being an Ate to my little sisters. Why? Because I did not only get to test my patience, but I also learned from the stories they shared with me,” Santamaria said during her acceptance speech. “Together we were able to overcome so many kumustahan sessions and the challenges that come with them.”

The BBBS category likewise had the ff. criteria: 30% Effective Mentorship; 30% Commitment; 20% Impact on Scholar/s; and 20% Demonstrated Leadership.

Meanwhile, the PNS Scholar category had these rubrics: 10% Scholars’ Votes; 25% Scholarship, pertaining to academic performance and other awards; 15% Mentorship, referring to consistency of K25 meet-ups; 25% Leadership, or their performance in terms of leadership activities, submission of portfolio and other requirements, plus commitment to community services; and 25% Exemplar of Core Values, referring to integrity, love of country, professionalism, and competence.

Apart from Esguerra and Santamaria, this year’s PHINMA Service Awards were also given to David John Cadiao (PHINMA University of Pangasinan – Urdaneta), Jejomar Quiros (PHINMA Saint Jude College), and Ron Ranier Reyes (PHINMA Corporation).

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