Passerelles numeriques Philippines (PNPh) starts a partnership with Baungon, Bukidnon’s Local Government Unit (LGU) in support of PNPh’s Scholarship Program. Municipality Mayor, The Honorable Rogelio Jaraula, and PNPh Country Representative, Ms. Marilou Flores, signed the Memorandum of Agreement on the 23rd of September marking the start of the organization’s mobilization in the Municipality. This eventful occasion was witnessed by members of the LGU and the organization as well as by the PNPh scholar’s guardian who is a constituent of the municipality.

The MOA secures Php. 45,000 per PNPh scholar from that municipality. As stipulated, the funds would cover the boarding and living expenses of the scholar for 2.5 years. This agreement would cover the next academic year as PNPh is ongoing with its operations for A.Y. 2022-2023.

This move, to locally source funds, is a new strategy for the organization to organically sustain its operations, increase reach, and encourage local institutions to support their constituents. From PNPh’s External Relations Manager, Ms. Thessa Torre, “Local partnerships are more likely to endure given the availability of multiple areas for collaboration (grants, internships, events, etc.).” In light of the organization’s impact on the local municipalities, Ms. Torre added, “to ensure the NGO’s credibility, local partnerships must be established and it would be simpler to convey the mission’s local framework and value in light of the surrounding circumstances.” PNPh has been helping base-of-the-pyramid families to gain leverage in life by providing IT education to the youth. Foreign grants from corporates just wouldn’t be reliable as foreign businesses look for accreditations that the organization would usually lack. Also, expressed by Ms. Torre that these corporate grants are too volatile for PNPh’s operations; small changes can affect these businesses’ priorities which could hurt the organization’s operations. However, these local partnerships will just be an addition to the current approach of grant applications of the organization. PNPh continues to apply for grants from foreign and local grantors.

PNPh has been looking to venture out into the provinces of Mindanao for quite some time and this partnership galvanized the organization’s interest in exploring the region.