Rise Against Hunger Philippines: Taking sustainable agriculture to new heights with Sky Farm

The beginning of the year welcomes the launch of Sky Farms—an exciting new project in partnership with Farm Top, which aims to promote sustainable agriculture further through the establishment of hydroponic farms in vacant and untenantable rooftop spaces.

Agricultural developments play a crucial role in alleviating food insecurity and malnutrition. But with traditional farmlands on a rapid decline nowadays due to climate change and widescale urbanization, there is an ongoing call for more sustainable and climate-smart agricultural alternatives. 

The Sky Farms project is one such alternative. Using hydroponic technology, these farms make use of less water to produce high-yield and high-quality vegetables within roof decks that would otherwise have been left unused. Adopting a “farm-to-plate” concept in which fresh vegetables are to be consumed only within a five-kilometer radius, Sky Farms also promise less carbon footprint than typical farm-to-market routes.  

From the sky to the ground

Corporate partners can participate in the Sky Farm program by financially supporting the setup and maintenance of hydroponic racks on top of commercial buildings. The high value vegetables that will be produced through the Sky Farms can be sold to nearby hotels, restaurants, employees, and residents. Net proceeds from the sale can be used by corporate sponsors to fund meal packaging events in perpetuity. The meal packs will then be used in feeding programs.

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