Smile Train continues to provide speech therapy services for children with cleft

It is essential for cleft-affected children to receive speech therapy following their surgery to address any remaining communication troubles. A trained speech therapist should be assigned to closely monitor the development of the child’s speech and communication skills as they grow.

Children with cleft must receive speech therapy tailored to their specific needs, using various techniques and approaches. With early intervention and consistent treatment, they can significantly improve their speech and language outcomes and communicate more effectively as they grow and develop.

Smile Train, the world’s leading cleft-focused organization, provides speech therapy services for children with cleft. Smile Train has a network of trained speech professionals for children and mothers seeking speech therapy assistance. Moreover, Smile Train offers a free, interactive app featuring stories, games, and songs for children with clefts. With this app, children can practice speech more frequently from their homes, leading to better speech outcomes.

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