“Tanum Namo, Pagkaon Namo” – exploring solutions for food security and preserving traditions in family gardening

On February 14, 2024, 45 representatives from six (6) IPOs namely BLUPENTTRAS, PTTA, MANTALA, TUMINDOK, NAMAMAYUK, and CALUDA surrounding Mt. Kalatungan landscape have gathered at the Margarette Business Hotel in Maramag, Bukidnon to participate in a seminar titled ‘Indigenous Food Systems Right at Home.’ This activity was presented by Xavier Science Foundation, Inc. under the project Mt. Kalatungan BioCon with support from USAID and the Gerry Roxas Foundation.

The objective of the seminar is to shed light on the significant role of indigenous food system in addressing food security challenges. The main speaker was Mr. Roel Ravanera, XSF Executive Director focusing on the importance of home gardens and how local initiatives contribute to a global program.

The first part presented by XSF’s student Intern Ms. Nasya Pañares was about the community’s effort in establishing their home gardens and of how their households adapted indigenous ways to make their gardens productive. Some households have planted vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and even ornamental plants. From 60 households, the initiative ballooned to more than 200 since others saw how their neighbors enjoyed the food products right at their homes.

Throughout the seminar, the attendees were grouped based on their IPOs enabling them the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions – sharing insights and experiences from their respective communities. This provided them with the opportunity to explore and brainstorm alternative solutions to the challenges in home gardening. Moreover, they also discussed the significance of preserving traditional agricultural knowledge for future generations.

Tanum namo, pagkaon namo,” a motto emphasized by Mr. Ravanera for the IPOs as a reminder of the significance of home gardening.

The seminar on home gardening was a resounding success, bringing interest in tackling the urgent problem of food security as a group. The seminar empowered every individual as it guided participants through the intricacies and significance of family farming practices right at their homes, ensuring food security at the grassroots level.

Article written by Nasya Jasmine A. Pañares, XSF Intern

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