With proper nutrition, Jayron receives life-changing surgery

When Jayron was born, his parents were not prepared because it was the first time they had seen a cleft. At that time, Jayron was underweight and had just been released from the hospital after suffering from aspiration pneumonia.

Jayron and his parents discovered Smile Train when they arrived at Smile Train’s local partner. He was immediately referred to Dr. Marj San Joaquin-Sibayan, a  feeding and lactation consultant. BSP Peers Mothers Support Group donated a generous amount of breastmilk to help him gain weight. Dr. Kenneth C. Sibayan also provided Jayron’s pediatric care until he was ready for surgery.

In a few months, baby Jayron gained enough weight to undergo cleft surgery. His condition has improved since then, and his smile has become even more amazing.


Around the world, 540 infants are born with a cleft every day — even during a pandemic. Help provide a forever smile to a child with cleft. Donate now through the Smile Train portal and forever transform a child’s life.

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