World Vision and Council for the Welfare of Children boost commitment to uphold children’s rights

World Vision Development Foundation, Inc. and the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) inked on July 18 a memorandum of agreement to amplify and enrich their collaboration to achieve their shared vision for the well-being of the most vulnerable Filipino children.

World Vision Executive Director Rommel V. Fuerte and CWC Executive Director Honorable Undersecretary Angelo M. Tapales signed the agreement to work together in enhancing children and youth’s improved access to their basic rights to education, to enjoy a clean and safe environment, and to be protected from danger, especially in disaster-prone and conflict-sensitive environments.

“We are grateful for the strengthened partnership between the Council for the Welfare of Children and World Vision for the well-being of all Filipino children, especially the most vulnerable. We salute the leadership and deep commitment of CWC Executive Director Undersecretary Angelo M. Tapales. It is our prayer that our cooperation will bring hope, joy and justice for all children,” said Fuerte during the signing ceremony.

Aside from empowering child leaders who can engage and participate in national-level consultations, the global Christian humanitarian organization, under the said agreement, will provide capacity building on strengthening reporting and referral mechanisms through the Local Council for the Protection of Children, Barangay Council for the Protection of Children, and other key actors in their covered areas.

Likewise, World Vision in the Philippines will support CWC in implementing and strengthening MAKABATA (MA-halin at KA-lingain ating mga BATA) Helpline 1383 to ensure that the various need of children and their families are addressed through an efficient referral system and delivery of service.

Meanwhile, as the Philippine Government’s focal inter-agency body for children, CWC will engage World Vision’s programs and representatives in its national, regional and local-level consultations and committees.

Undersecretary Tapales expressed his gratitude to World Vision by saying “Salamat po sa suporta at tiwala sa Council for the Welfare of Children.”

The agreement between the two organizations also covers technical assistance on laws, policies, and measures to protect child rights, and engagements in program monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs.

The Council for the Welfare of Children fulfills its mandate through the formulation and advocacy for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs and measures, advocacy for child rights and mobilization of resources, building strong networks, partnerships and coordination mechanisms, and institutional building of partners and stakeholders.

For more than 65 years in the Philippines, World Vision has worked with many stakeholder partners like the Council for the Welfare of Children to achieve hope, joy and justice for all children through programs on health and nutrition, education, including values formation and spiritual nurture, child protection and participation, savings and livelihood, disaster preparedness and emergency response.

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