XSF pilots Project Buhay in Bukidnon

Xavier Science Foundation, Inc. (XSF) in partnership with the SD (Sustainable Development) Environmental Projects distributed over 2,200 Project Buhay cookstoves in five (5) barangays in Pangantucan, Bukidnon on February 23 to 25, 2023.

The Project Buhay cookstoves aims to reduce carbon emissions, wood consumption, local deforestation, indoor air pollution, and social burdens caused by inefficient biomass cooking. The activity is in line with XSF’s Payment for Ecosystems (PES) initiative in Mt. Kalatungan, where it aims to protect and conserve its forest resources by supporting the Indigenous Peoples (IP) communities improve on efficient wood-fuel consumption. It also targets to improve health where the “clean” cookstoves help reduce chronic and acute health effects such as child pneumonia, lung cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease, heart disease and burns common in women and children due to CO2 emissions with open fire cooking methods.

This initiative also aims to promote grassroots innovations on traditional food and food systems which is part of XSF’ INSPIRE project. The efficient use of the cookstoves will allow local communities stronger connections to the forest of Mt. Kalatungan by sustainably manage its natural resource, empower women, and promote economic development.

Project Buhay founders R. Josh Eddie, and Renz Ladroma together with their team Flor Pasal and Mara Perez joined with the XSF team during the 3-day pilot distribution in Barangays Nabaliwa, Pigtauranan, Conception, New Eden, and Mendis.

SD Projects is aiming to distribute 10,000 stoves free of charge to target beneficiaries in the rural areas of the Philippines. They hope to work closely with local government units, civil society organizations and IP organizations in the future. For more information about the SD Projects visit their website at www.sdprojects.org.

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