XSF receives INSPIRE Award for Voice of Conservation at CFA’s 4th Lagerwey Awards

The Xavier Science Foundation, Inc. (XSF) has been awarded the prestigious INSPIRE Award for its exceptional contributions to conservation. The accolade was presented during the 4th Lagerwey Awards for Communication Excellence, hosted by the Communication Foundation for Asia on May 10, 2024.

The XSF-INSPIRE Project was recognized for its efforts in preserving Mt. Kalatungan and empowering the indigenous Lumad communities in Bukidnon. The project stands out for its comprehensive approach, which not only focuses on environmental conservation but also emphasizes cultural preservation and active community engagement. This holistic strategy underscores XSF’s commitment to involving local communities in their conservation initiatives, ensuring sustainable and impactful outcomes.

The award was presented by a distinguished team from the Gerry Roxas Foundation, including Ms. Marielle Alemania, Ms. Patricia Pigao, Ms. Larrisse Lipit, and Executive Director Mr. Glen de Castro. Representing XSF to accept the award were Deputy Director Ms. Thieza Verdijo and Project Staff Jivi Roy Rizaldo.

Now in its fourth year, the Lagerwey Awards for Communication Excellence highlights the achievements of individuals and organizations who exhibit outstanding communication excellence in their various projects and initiatives. This year’s recognition of XSF underscores the organization’s exemplary work blending conservation efforts with effective communication and community collaboration.


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